Hyper Personalised Coaching

Personalised for each Individual
We believe in a holistic approach to fitness, which goes beyond just physical exercise. We emphasize the importance of nutrition, proper rest, and mental well-being as essential components of a well-rounded fitness regimen.So, whether your goal is weight loss, strength and conditioning, sports performance, or overall wellness, our world-class fitness coaching services are designed to help you unlock your full potential.
Client Renewals
On an average 60% of our client renew their coaching for
 6 to 9 months.
Satisfied Clients
On an average 92% of our clients are satisfied with their results whether it is to lose fat, gain muscle, get stronger or in general develop healthy lifestyle.We only take limited no of clients each month.

What We  Provide On 1-1 Coaching

🏋️‍♀️ Workout Program

A Customized Training Program based on your goals, current fitness levels, equipment availability, and time availability.

🥦 Nutrition Plan

A Customized Diet Plan based on your goals, preferences, lifestyle, current health markers, current and past diet history, etc.

📱Weekly Checkins 

Weekly Progress Check-In. I will analyze your progress on a weekly basis and make changes to diet, training or cardio, etc. if they are needed along with exercise form review

🧘🏻‍♂️Lifestyle Program

A Specially Personalized Lifestyle Plan because we also focus on the things that will help us elevate our quality of life.

📒Client Exclusive Guides

Specific Guides, which are exclusive for my personal coaching clients.

💬 24/7 chat Q&A

24/7 Access to me through WhatsApp and Emails.


"Great experience, learnt a lot. Understood the importance between "training" and just "exercising". Coach was available always to help clarify doubts or issues. Form correction videos helped a lot."

Mayank Dubey

Bodybuilding Coaching

”The goal of taking up this program was to increase my strength while trying to loose some body fat and Abhishek's diet and training plan helped me achieve that. I can see changes in my body definition. He is worth the investment.

Abhishek Singh Rawat

Lifestyle Coaching

”I've followed his advice to the teeth and seen some incredible results and progress.I've taken pt for 6 months and saw my abs for the first time in my life. Good luck on your journey.”

Adrit Karmakar

Lifestyle Coaching

I have been under Abhishek’s guidance for more than a year now and without any hesitation I could say that he is the coach you would want to get added to your major asset list.I am glad to have him as my trainer who provides mental strength and social media growth ideas too,a wholesome trainer.

Bishotok Das

Lifestyle Coaching

Really helped me! Very motivated and good coach

Sneha Nath

Lifestyle Coaching

”The training plans are well structured with great variety and were tailored to my requirements. He completely understood my personal circumstances and designed my plan to cater to them. He has a detailed and steady approach to nutrition as well which has been very helpful..”

Sadaf Khan

Lifestyle Coaching

”My experience with Dtahawk was excellent, through his program that had exactly what i needed to achieve my goals with personalized meal plan and workouts i definitely became way stronger physically and mentally. In my case i was trying to prepare for the military, and it worked out perfectly. I would definitely consider using again if i was in a different situation, and would 100% recommend to a friend. Thank you again.”

Carter Lapp

Bodybuilding Coaching

”Hi, I am Pranav and I have been Abhishek'sfollower for quite a few years now, when the spot for 12 week program opened up I jumped on it and currently I am undergoing a transformation, to say that he is the right guy to go to when it comes to transformations would be an understatement he has the knowledge and the experience to understand your body,needs and goals and then create a custom plan for you and make changes as you go I,will give this program a 5*.”

Pranav Nagori

Lifestyle Coaching

I have found an amazing mentor and a friend in Abhishek. His approach to fitness and transformative routines is just so precise. All the workouts and diet plans are updated and changed on a dynamic basis. Plus the fact that if you have any doubts regarding an exercise or a food item you can easily get on line with him and he's always ready to help. Been in and out of training and to be honest didnt see any real change but once I got on board with Abhishek, it has been a game changer for me. ”

Dr Pratap K Das

Lifestyle Coaching